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CCC/Harvest Release 5.02
Release Notes

July 2001

Following the GA rollout of Harvest 5.01, maintenance releases are planned to address the market needs in the coming year. Delivery of Harvest 5.02 focuses on the following areas:
* Critical customer reported issues in STAR
* Features that were available in the previous release including SIK, HARWIND
* New platform support on HPUX11
* Performance improvement on the check in and check out of a large number of directory/item paths.
* Continue extending the available functions on the Web interface (Harweb) to satisfy the demand for a GUI on UNIX platform. The objective is to provide the complete GUI replacement of the UNIX Motif GUI used in 4.x by Q4 of this year.

New Features and Enhancements Summary

User Authentication
* Use CA Cryptographic engine (CACE) for Password encryption
~ Adopt the Triple DES along with the Diffie-Hellman key agreement for added security.
~ The algorithm performs three iterations of DES, using each of the specified keys (three 56-bit DES keys) in turn. An export license requires registration of the algorithm and the key length.
~ Performance overhead for this secured solution is expected in the course of Harvest user validation.
* Both Oracle and Harvest passwords will be masked in the process of installation.
* Remove the exposure of the plain text password in Command line executed from UDP and linked UDP.
* Harvest command-line utilities prompt for user password if not supplied as an argument.

A New C++ API to Replace SIK in Harvest 4 - HSDK (Harvest Software Development Kit)
* Class library providing a C++ interface to Harvest objects. Function support includes login, set context, environment/state operations, package and version related functions. Package related functions include promote, package demote, package approval, and package creation. Version related functions include check-in, check-out, concurrent merge, version chooser, delete version, list operations, and output operations.

* HSDK does not ship with Harvest. It is purchased separately - please see your sales representative.

Lifecycle State Order
This feature is now supported as it was in Harvest 4. By default, states in a project lifecycle are shown in alphabetical order. A user can change the order of the states.

Repository Management
Repository compression is on by default. For a new repository, change the default compression option flag from off (un-checked) to on (checked).
Memory leak problem in loading repository is addressed in this release.

Support Harvest server versioning in Both GUI and Command Line
This feature, available in 4.x, allows a user to connect with different Harvest database instances. See the Harvest Install Guide for details.

GUI enhancement on Windows Platform
* Add capability to refresh version list after check-in/check-out process.
* Add capability to refresh package group list after new package group is created.
* Add capability to save the position of toolbar.
* Add capability to allow the UDP or Notify process shown on right click menu for package or version object. System variables [package] and [version] are expanded when a UDP or Notify process is executed.
* Add capability to allow the user to filter package lists for "all packages" or "my packages" from the top "View -> Filter Packages" menu.
* Add capability for user to view the contents of a form through the package that is selected from package chooser or form chooser.
* Add capability to maximize the display of the Find Form utility.
* The Lifecycle State order can be changed.

Performance Improvement
* Check out data from Harvest with a large number of item paths.
* Tune up database index, and constraints - include deletion of a Harvest view.

* Support creating empty item path function inside VCI. This feature is available in Harvest 4.x.
* Support concurrent check out in VCI.
* Support setting any language as system default in the local Regional Settings Properties.

System Variables
* New support for listing object names with blanks. Quotes within the brackets for a list-type system variable indicate that each name should be quoted.
["file"] evaluates to "file name 1" "file name 2" ...
["package"] evaluates to "package name 1" "package name 2" ...
["version"] evaluates to "version name 1" "version name 2" ...
* [user] will evaluate to username only (not Real Name) for backward compatibility with Harvest 4.x.

Additional Command Line Utilities
* hexpenv Export project lifecycle definition. This utility was available in Harvest 4.x. New access control options have been provided in Harvest 5.02.
* himpenv Import project lifecycle definition.
* hlr Load repository.
* hsv Select versions. With the combination of command-line check out and get version list, it is possible to deploy data to any destination easily.

Provide Windows Shell Extension
Available in Harvest 4, the Windows Shell Extension (Harwind) allows a user to execute the most common CM tasks without having the Harvest interface running on their client machine. The functions include login, set context, check in, check out, and the output log. The new enhancements include a client path setting that is automatically constructed based on the current location of a selected file in the file system. The user is able to select the desired options in the check in and check out dialog. The create package process is not provided. It is recommended to create a package with an associated form through Harweb from Windows environment.

New UNIX Platform Support
* Port to HPUX 11.00 on HP700, 800 series.

UNIX Installation
* Harvest version identification in installed file: version.txt.
* Automated argument file generation.

MVS Agent Support
Newly supported Agent platform for user to check in/check out files on MVS platform from other supported Harvest client platforms.

Web Interface
* Support CACE password encryption. To secure the login password, password updating, inserting a new user, and local or remote file access, the password is encrypted and secured in the Web server.
* Add capability to allow check in via the Package version list content page.
* Provide Rename Item process.
* Provide Remove Item process.
* Add new reports: package approval by resource report, package rework report, package approvals report, version density report, overly active package report, and package aging through state report.
* Add capability to allow the user to change thier own user properties.
* Support local Date/Time.
* Provide interface for Harvest Administrator functions including project lifecycle and user group maintenance.
Project lifecycle
~ Add capability to create a new project or copy from the current project template.
~ Add capability to list inactive projects, active projects, and project templates.
~ Add capability to update/delete a project properties that includes state and state processes.
~ Add capability to associate any snapshot or repository view to the baseline of a project.
User Group
~ Add capability to create a new user group/user.
~ Add capability to update/delete user group/user properties.
~ Add capability to add/remove user to/from a user group.
* Improved error handling.
* Improve the support for Netscape browser.
* Please refer to the installation of harweb for detailed supported configurations.

Customer reported issues resolved in this release:

--------- -------------------------------------------------------
11016318 Cannot start Harvest client on Windows without
Administrator rights.

10959152 (same as 11016318)

10989440 (same as 11016318)

11026005 The Harvest check in process consumes memory.

10978092 (same as 11026005)

10978093 (same as 11026005)

11007353 Command-line HCI option, -de, does not work.

10908165 Harvest VCI cannot check out for concurrent update.

10916618 Harvest VCI requires the "Update" mode for the check
out process in the user context.

11048432 Documentation: HarProject table missing (HarEnvironment).

10732235 Setup on German Oracle fails

11055712 Cannot change lifecycle state order.

11081208 Pre-link or post-link Notify process message body missing when copy project.

10883238 Encryption password for harvest user

11107346 Documentation: Drag and drop check out does not work

11105679 (same as 11107346)

10913606 Documentation error.

11122935 Find File Fails to Parse - UNIX remote file agent does not filter on the "Named" attribute.

(Please review the documented known issues in KnownIssues.text)