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Feburary, 20, 2001

CCC/Harvest support level2
Santa Barbara, CA

This patch is the combination of all the previous 412 VCI patches released before today:, 412patch9, 412patch10, 412patch13, and 412patch14.

This patch includes two files: hscc.dll (for windows NT) and hscc95.dll (for windows 95).
In order to apply this patch, harvest 4.1.2 VCI has to be installed. Replace hscc.dll in %HARVESTHOME/bin (for windows NT), replace hscc95.dll for windows 95 and 98 with files given in this patch.

This patch solves the following issues:
hscc message: 'More than one project with the same name are found in Harvest, project status will be reset', even this is the first time to open the project by Harvest VCI. After apply the patch, this message will be gone if it is the first time to open project by Harvest.

2. steps to verify:
a. Create VB project, add it to CCC/Harvest. Close the project.
b. Open Miscrosoft Visual Basic window, click on Tools-> CCC/Harvest -> Create Project from CCC/Harvest, you get CCC/Harvest ViewPath/Project Chooser window.
c. Use Browse button to choose Client directory as the place to check out files to.
d. Select project from View Path Anchor box, this is the project you are going to check it out to Client directory.
e. After click OK, you will get message:
Source Code Control
Failed to reload the project. Please close this project from the file menu and re-open it to get the correct version of all files loaded into memory.
After apply this patch, this problem is gone: at step e above, you will no longer get Source Code Control message. And all the related files are checked out to Client directory.

When creating a new view path in the VCI/VC++ or VCI/VB ViewPath/Project Chooser window, you give it a name and you have to click 'OK' button twice in Create Empty View Path window to create view path.
After apply this patch, you just need click on OK button one time.

VisualAge for Java 3.5 patch 2, with VCI 4.1.2:
VCI session log does not always pop up with checkout and checkin.

If there are several VC++ project files with the same name (such as test.dsp) in
different folders in the same harvest repository. VCI prior to 4.1.2
complained about multiple project names and presented a dialog that allowed
the selection of the right dsp-file. Version 4.1.2 doesn't present this
dialog and instead opens the project without version control. After apply this patch, you will get the "Project Chooser" dialog window as in 4.1.1.
Steps to verify:
a. Create two VC++ project files with the same name in different folders in the same repository in harvest.
b. copy .dsp, .dsw and .cpp files to a new folder in local drive.
c. double click on .dsw file, you will get VCI log in window, then Set Context window, then Project Chooser window, after select the correct project file: .hp~, this project will be checked out to your local working folder. After this first time check out from harvest, next time when you click on the same .dsw file, you will not get Project Chooser window again.

6. 10603456:
a. create a VC++ project, add it to VCI (test.cpp, test.dsw, test.dsp)
b. create a reserve version of test.cpp in harvest with package1 by check out for update, it
has R-tag in the
harvest repository version list.
c. click on .dsw in local working directory, log in to VCI, set context with a different
package from package1. Check out test.cpp: you will get error message:
E0330 Cannot check out selected version of item. ./test.cpp. because it is a reserved
But, in VCI IDE, the red hook appears to mark that test.cpp is checked out!
This is not the case in vci 4.1.1: there is no red hook.
After apply this patch, if the file is reserved by another package, the red hook is gone and
the file is not checked out.

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