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CA Software CM WebSphere Studio Integration 1.0

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Operating System Support

3.0 Installation Considerations

4.0 General Considerations
4.1 A Note on Harvest Processes

5.0 Known Issues

6.0 Contacting Technical Support

1.0 Welcome

This Readme file contains installation considerations as well as operating system support, known issues, and contacting Technical Support.

2.0 Operating System Support

The CA Software CM WebSphere Studio Integration is supported on the following platforms:

  • Windows NT 4.0 SP6a

  • Windows 2000 Professional SP2 and Windows 2000 Server SP2

    3.0 Installation Considerations

    The CA Software CM WebSphere Studio Integration requires Harvest 5.1.0 and Harweb 3.0.

    The CA Software CM WebSphere Studio Integration supports IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0.2 and IBM WebSphere Site Developer 4.0.

    Sun's Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.3.1_03 or 1.4 must be installed prior to using Harvest CM with the WebSphere development product. Sun's J2SE can be obtained from

    Harweb 3.0 Patch

    The CA Software CM WebSphere Studio Integration requires a patch be applied to Harweb 3.0 before invoking Harweb from within the WebSphere development interface. The patch can be obtained from

    Enable the Harvest CM Plug-In

    When the CA Software CM WebSphere Integration Studio installation is completed it will be necessary to enable the Harvest CM plug-in. Follow these steps:

    1) Start WebSphere Studio.

    2) From the Perspective menu, choose the Customize option.

    3) In the Available Action Sets box, expand Action Set "Other" and check the Harvest Change Manager box:

    4) Click OK. The Harvest menu should appear at the top.

    4.0 General Considerations

    4.1 A Note on Harvest Processes

    When logging into Harvest through the WebSphere development tool, a Harvest context must be set. The Harvest context requires a check in, check out, and remove item process. Pre and Post-linked processes will be run. Any default process mode settings and process options will be overridden by the WebSphere adapter. For example, the WebSphere adapter does not utilize the check out option, "Preserve Timestamp", as it can interfere with the integrity of WebSphere's own internal backups. If this option is set it will be ignored.

    5.0 Known Issues

    Core Component Issues


    Often times when deleting a project from your workspace, you will receive an error message saying that the resource harvest.sig is out of sync. To work around this problem, simply right click the project that you wish to delete and select "Refresh from Local."


    Often after completing Catch Up, the Local Workspace needs to be refreshed to see the results. If the results do not appear right click on the project, folder or resource file and select "Refresh from Local".


    Progress monitor support has not been fully implemented resulting in UI progress monitors being either inaccurate or not moving at all.


    There is currently only limited support for checking out empty directories, doing this will sometimes cause an error message to appear.


    While Harvest allows the check in and check out of empty files, WSAD will not allow the user to save and Release empty files. Nor will WSAD allow the user to Catch Up an empty file or a path that has only an empty file in it.


    If an invalid broker name is set in the Harvest Login Information dialog, an error message for "invalid broker name" is returned. All subsequent attempts to login with the correct broker name will return an "invalid broker name" error. To workaround this problem, shutdown and re-start WebSphere.


    The Harvest context will be unstable with WebSphere usage if the Harvest project does not contain a Baseline View and the context state has no Working View. When setting the Harvest context, it is required the Harvest context be set with a project that has a baseline view established and the context state contain a Working View.

    Harweb Issues


    When working with form attachments, the user is sent to the Harweb login page.


    While users can use the Create Package process in Harweb, attempting to use other processes sends the user to the login page.


    If you double click on the binocular icon next to a version, this will not bring up the document in an external editor, the user is presented with the Harweb login page.


    Executing the create package process will require a manual refresh to update the package list to show the new package created.

    UI Issues


    Harvest menu items, Promote Package, Demote Package, and Switch Package, are sometimes grayed-out at the start of the program when they should not be. To work around this, simply highlight a file of folder in either your local workspace or on the repository. This will trigger a refresh of the menu items.


    In the login dialog box, if the broker name is typed in wrong, and you are already connected to another broker, when you select the "Next" button the login will hang. The "Cancel" button will not work. To work around this, close the WSAD Workbench and re-start.

    6.0 Contacting Technical Support

    See for the latest product information. For further technical assistance with CA Software CM WebSphere Studio Integration, contact Technical Support at 1-800-833-7528 Hours 0800-1800 CST.