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ADvisor 3.0.2 Release Notes

Date Updated: 09/10/2001

Please read the following release note information before working with ADvisor.

What's New in ADvisor Patch Version 3.0.2

Fixed Issues

Issue Description


Java applets experienced problems with extended character sets, and some international date and number formats.

Problems with the applets have been resolved. Character set, number/date format issues have been resolved within ADvisor. Solution requires the use of the i-net software JDBC drivers for Oracle and SQL Server for locales outside the United States.

See the New and Changed Procedures section below for details on obtaining the i-net software JDBC drivers for Oracle and SQL Server.


iTime 3.0.2 has been internationalized to accept date and number for locales outside the United States.

See the New and Changed Procedures section below for details on the currently supported locales.


Euro symbol support added to ADvisor.

See the New and Changed Procedures section below for additional details.


Problems with back and forward arrows for browsing weeks fixed.

Changed date format from the US MM/DD/YY short date format to the common medium date format DD MMM YYYY. For example, 03 Sep 2001.


Activities did not display in timesheet because different date formats caused select query to return zero records.


Date calendar did not default to the current month for the current timesheet.


Totals row displayed incorrect totals for days of the week.


Add task functionality for project and non-project activities now work correctly. No longer able to add tasks if they already exist in the current timesheet. Existing tasks filtered from the list. Advanced search removed from Add Task dialog because of incompatibilities with date formats.


Tasks correctly frozen in the timesheet after evaluate progress in Project Engineer. Non-project tasks frozen in the timesheet after all project tasks have been evaluated for the week.


When opening timesheet, timesheet correctly displays activities assigned for the current week, and unfinished tasks from previous weeks.


Database tables updated correctly with differing date formats on both Oracle and SQL Server. Sort orders match for both databases.

Sunday Displayed as First Day of Week

The iTime timesheet, and date dialog display Sunday as the first day of the week.

Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean not Supported

ADvisor 3.0.2 is not supported in bi-directional and double -byte character set languages, including:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Korean Bar Chart Limitation in Reports

    Bar charts in reports are limited to 50 projects or input values. If you exceed 50 projects or input values, ADvisor will display an error in the browser.

    Minimum Display Resolution

    ADvisor must be displayed at a resolution of 800 x 600 or greater.

    Browser Support ADvisor supports the following browsers:

    For Netscape Communicator:

    Download ADvisor Patch Version 3.0.2 by clicking here.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and later.
  • Netscape Communicator 4.5 and later; however Netscape 6.0 is not supported.

    Sun JDK 1.3

    There is currently an issue with Sun JDK 1.3. If a user logs into a Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 server and then logs off, leaving the machine running in Server Mode, the services using JDK 1.3 shut down. However, if the user then reboots the machine, not having logged on, the services start and run normally.

    Refreshing Pages in the Browser

    To correctly display project information in ADvisor, your web browser must check against its cache every time a page is accessed. To set this option, perform the following steps:

    For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Select View, Internet Options.
    Select Tools, Internet Options.
  • Select the General tab, and in the Temporary Internet files group, click Settings.
  • In the Settings dialog, select the Every visit to the page option
  • Select Edit, Preferences.
  • In the Category window, expand the Advanced category and select Cache. In the Cache window, select the Every time option.