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Upgrade CA Harvest SCM from r 7.1.X to r12.5

  1. Read me
  2. Supported platforms and databases.
  3. Upgrade installation on windows.
    3.0.1. Component Upgrade.
    3.0.2. Database Upgrade.
  4. Upgrade installation on Linux/Unix platforms.
    4.0.1. Server Upgrade.
    4.0.2. Database Upgrade.
  5. Contact Technical Support.

1.0 Read me

This readme contains instructions to upgrade and install the CA Harvest SCM r12.5 from the existing installation of r7.1.X setup.

2.0 Supported Platforms and Databases

This upgrade is supported and tested on the below platforms/OS versions where earlier r7.1.X is installed.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • HP-IA
  • Solaris


  • Oracle 10 G
  • SQLServer 2005

Important! On all platforms, for any Harvest component, to upgrade and install SCM Harvest r12.5 successfully, you must have an existing Harvest r7.1.X version of the component already installed!

3.0 Upgrade installation on Windows

Upgrade on windows requires two stage processes.

  • Component upgrade.
  • Database upgrade.

3.0.1 Component Upgrade

  1. Stop all the running harvest servers, clients and agents after performing the required back up.
  2. On an existing windows machine where r7.1.X server, client and agent are installed, download the upgrade.exe from here.
    Note: As there is no 64 bit support for 7.1.x installation, during upgrade process it is necessary to use 32 bit installation of r12.5. You can migrate to the 64 bit r12.5 after upgrade is successfully completed.
  3. Download the r12.5 SCM Harvest server, client and agent installers from the support site to a local location on your machine.
  4. Run the Upgrade.exe installer.
  5. The upgrade.exe prompts you to accept the license and detects the existing r7.1.X installed components server, client and agent .
  6. Proceed to the next screen and click on Upgrade button.
  7. A warning message appears as " Please make sure that all Harvest/CA Harvest SCM applications and services are stopped before continuing with the upgrade". Click on OK.
  8. A prompt appears to provide the path and executable file name say for CA Harvest SCM r12.5 Agent install program. Click on the Browse button and provide the path of the locally downloaded CA Harvest SCM r12.5 Agent installer. Click on OK.
  9. Another prompt appears to provide the path and executable file name say for CA Harvest SCM r12.5 Client install program. Click on the Browse button and provide the path of the locally downloaded CA Harvest SCM r12.5 Client installer. Click on OK.
  10. Another prompt appears to provide the path and executable file name say for CA Harvest SCM r12.5 Server install program. Click on the Browse button and provide the path of the locally downloaded CA Harvest SCM r12.5 Server installer. Click on OK.
    Note: If you have only r 7.1.X client or agent installed on the machine, the upgrade installer detects only that component. Download only the relevant component and then proceed to upgrade it.
  11. The upgrade process begins and it uninstalls the existing r7.1.X Components server, client and agent..
    Note: If VCI is also installed in r 7.1.X installation, a prompt appears that old VCI plug-in/Dot Net plug-in is found with a message to verify with the support site for upgrade support instructions. Click on OK.
  12. A prompt appears to provide the port number for r12.5 CA Harvest SCM Agent. Provide the port no say for ex: 5520.
    (For more details regarding rtserverless agents and ports, please refer to the Implementation guide of r12.5)
  13. A prompt appears as "R12.5 CA Harvest SCM will not work properly until database is upgraded and the dfo files are converted to the new CAPKI. Please follow the steps provided in the Read Me provided with the harvest SCM r12.5 patch.?" Click on OK.
  14. Another prompt appears as "Harvest SCM r12.5 has new features. Do you want to re-configure it.?". Click on Yes.
  15. The Server install wizard screen appears. Click on Next.
  16. Choose Modify and then select the setup features which you need from Server, command line utilities and Documentation and then choose next and proceed to install.
  17. Server installation is completed and another prompt appears to choose the FIPS mode. Choose yes or No depending on your requirement.
  18. Click on Finish. Upgrade installation log file will be placed in %CA_SCM_HOME%/log folder.
  19. A prompt appears as "CA Harvest SCM r12.5 upgrade install will not be completed until the machine is restarted.Do you want to restart now.?" along with options yes and no.
  20. It is recommended to restart the machine for successful upgrade installation to be completed.

3.0.2 Database upgrade

You need to download and install the CAcrypto installer and also the CASCMr12.5Server7.1MigrationUpdate installer before the actual database upgrade task using hdbsetup. How to install CAcrypto and the Migration Update Installer on Windows
  1. Download locally these installers CASCMR12.5Server7.1MigrationUpdate.exe and
  2. Extract the to a local folder and then run the installer cacrinst.exe.
  3. Install prompt appears. Provide the application name say for ex: SCM .The path containing files to install and Cryptography installation path are auto populated.
  4. Click on install and the result is shown in the Result window as successful. Click on Done.
  5. Run the CASCMR12.5Server7.1MigrationUpdate.exe from the locally downloaded location.
  6. The Migration update installation begins.
  7. Choose the Finish option once it completes. HDBSETUP-UR
  1. Open the command prompt and then type hdbsetup.
  2. Choose the DB and then choose CO.
  3. Choose the UR option.
  4. Provide the Harvest SCM Database user name and password details.
  5. A message appears as "The existing schema will be upgraded to r12.5 schema.
    The changes are permanent and cannot be rolled back. Do you want to continue.?" With yes and no options. Choose the option "Yes".
    Note: If you want to take a backup of your database, you can do it before you choose the yes option here.
  6. The database passwords are converted to ETPKI and a message appears as 'Database schema upgraded'.
  7. Choose the EP option. The encrypted user information is saved.
  8. Start the broker now.

    If you intend to use 64 bit Harvest SCM server post upgrade, you would first need to upgrade to 32 bit Harvest SCM server only. If you want to use Harvest SCM 64 bit server on the same machine, please follow the steps below

    1. Follow the procedure for upgrade from r7.1(32 bit) to r12.5(32 bit) components.
    2. After successful up gradation, manually uninstall the r12.5 Harvest SCM 32 bit server and all the 32 bit components (for ex: client, etc.) if any exists on the same machine.
    3. Install the 64 bit server and other components (client, etc.) as required and configure the upgraded database to use the 64 bit server and database.

    Depending on your configuration and settings, you may need to follow the guidelines from Oracle/SQL Server to upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit databases.
    If you want to use r12.5 Harvest SCM 64 bit server on a different machine using the upgraded database you need to configure the 64 bit server to use the upgraded database.

4.0 Upgrade installation on Linux/Unix platforms.

4.0.1 Server Upgrade on UNIX/Linux

  1. Back up your database.
  2. Back up any custom files (UDP scripts and custom forms) from $HARVESTHOMEforms directories if you are installing to the same location as previous installation.
  3. Install or upgrade the Public Key Infrastructure (eTPKI).
  4. Install or upgrade PEC.
  5. Install or upgrade ODBC.
    Note: For more details on eTPKI, PEC and ODBC installation for r12.5, please refer to the implementation guide
  6. To upgrade an existing 7.1 installation, install scm.tar and 7.1 migration.tar into r7.1 HARVESTHOME.
    Note: Download 7.1 migration.tar for your platform from step # 7.
  7. Download the 7.1 migration. tar for the below platforms from here
  8. Untar scm.tar and 7.1 migration.tar .
  9. Enter the following command to run the installation script ./ from the installation options, select option [2] Upgrade SCM.
  10. Specify whether to install CA Software Delivery Integration. Choose yes or No depending upon your requirement.
  11. Specify the authentication mode option (internal, external or mixed mode).
  12. Specify the details of the Oracle database home and Oracle SID when prompted for these details.
  13. Specify the location of eTPKI , RTHOME and ODBC when prompted.
  14. A prompt for confirmation of the values for eTPKI, PEC and ODBC appears. If all the values are correct, choose the option 4 to accept the settings and continue.
  15. Now a message appears as " CA crypto component is required when an upgrade of 7.1 encrypted files need to be converted to r12.5 and 7.1 database schema is upgraded to r12.5.Enter yes if you are upgrading a 7.1 installation or would have to in future. Do you want to use CAcrypto .? with yes or no options. Select the option 'yes'.
  16. Provide the path for CAcrypto installation of existing r7.1 when the prompt appears for the CAcrypto path.
  17. The upgrade process begins, the conversion is completed and a prompt appears with an option to run hdbsetup to upgrade CA SCM database now or later.
    Note: Server upgrade process is completed and the user can choose the option yes for database upgrade to follow.
  18. Choose the option 'yes' and then hdbsetup prompt appears.
  19. Execute UR option with the 7.1 Harvest database user and password details.
    The database passwords are converted to ETPKI and a message appears as 'Database schema upgraded'.
  20. Choose the EP option. The encrypted user information is saved.
    Exit and start the broker now.

4.0.2 Database Upgrade on UNIX / Linux:

  1. For a new installation of r12.5, please follow the instructions from the Implementation guide of r12.5.
  2. Download CAcrypto to a local location and install CAcrypto component for your platform from here.

    Create a folder CAcrypto and then untar the cacrypto_xxx.tar (where xxx prefers to your platform) into it. Run the installation script ./ This would install the CAcrypto into the present working directory.
    (For more details of the CAcypto installation, please refer to the Implementation guide of r7.1.X)
  3. Download 7.1 migration.tar (as mentioned in step 7 of above section 4.0.1) and copy into $CA_SCM_HOME of r12.5 installation . Now untar 7.1 migration.tar.
  4. After this follow the same steps from 9-20 from the above section 4.0.1

5.0 - Contact CA Technical Support

For any further details Contact the CA Technical Support Team