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Update on APM r9.1.1 Customer Download from CA Support Online

Dear Customer or Partner,

CA Technologies is transitioning the Product Download capabilities for CA APM products from the CA Wily Product Download site to CA Support Online. Once complete, all future releases will be available from CA Support Online and you will be able to use the self-service features to download APM product releases at your convenience.  However, note that prior releases of CA APM products will continue to be served only from the CA Wily Product Download site and not from CA Support Online.

As part of this change, your APM software license is being enabled to allow software download from  CA Support Online. However, this is a lengthy process and is not complete as of 5/30/2012.

The latest service pack - release 9.1, Gen level 1.0 - has now been posted and can be downloaded from the CA Support Online Download Center by selecting your product, and the release and Gen level. For example,

  • Product: CA Application Performance Management - MULTI-PLATFORM
  • Release: 9.1
  • Gen level: 1.0

If you are unable to access this release from CA Support Online please contact CA Customer Care at for further assistance.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact CA Technologies  at +1 800 225-5224 in the US, or the World Wide Contact Centers (