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March 31,2011, Aggregate Maintenance Available for
CA IDMS 17.0 SP1

With Mainframe 2.0, CA Technologies has changed how we deliver maintenance. CA IDMS has adopted a new method, Aggregate Maintenance.

Aggregate Maintenance (AM) is similar to and has replaced Service Packs. On a semi-annual basis, an Aggregate Maintenance of CA IDMS will be issued. This is an electronic package of PTFs for a specific period. The most recent aggregate maintenance solution for CA IDMS is R028658 and it contains all CA IDMS 17.0 fixes (APARs) published from September 29, 2010 to March 31, 2011. Aggregate Maintenance is not cumulative and requires that every available aggregate solution be applied. If you currently run CA IDMS 17 SP1 and wish to apply all available maintenance above that service pack, you can simply download RO22608 and R028658 from CA Support Online and follow its instructions for application. For all solutions that apply to current SP1 users beyond R028658 create a solution cart from April 1, 2011, or above the high APAR RO28608.

CA Recommended Services (CA RS) provides fixes that have been tested with all CA IDMS Software and all other CA Mainframe Software in our Integrated System Test (IST) labs. CA RS will be available quarterly. There is no support for CA RS planned for CA IDMS 17.0. CA IDMS support for CA RS is planned to start in fall of 2011 with CA IDMS Version 18.0. For more information on AM and CA RS, click here.