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Downloading via FTP

When choosing to download by FTP, you will be presented with the option to use Preferred FTP or Alternate FTP sites. The Preferred FTP location will use CA's world-wide content delivery network that will route you to the closest available server to your location. If you are unable to connect to the preferred location, the alternate location will be from the CA FTP servers on Long Island, New York.

Your company may require that the new CA servers or host names be configured in your security system. Learn More.

Upon selecting your FTP location, the system will present FTP instructions that include:

  • Host name of the server you will log into.
  • Anonymous login and password information.
  • The path to a directory containing the file(s) you have ordered.

The example below is an FTP order from the Download Cart for a single zip file. For an order with multiple files, the link will be to the directory with a list of the files in that directory.

Figure 1

You can enter the information into your favorite FTP client, into a batch program, or use command-line FTP.

Basic FTP download steps (steps may differ based on your environment):

  1. Start an FTP Session.
  2. Connect to the Host Site using the FTP Open command.
  3. When prompted, login with the User Name "anonymous".
  4. When prompted for a password, enter your email address.
  5. Change your directory to the Path Name provided leaving off the last qualifier which is the file name.
  6. If not downloading an ASCII file such as txt or html, use the command "bin" to change to binary mode.
  7. Retrieve the file using the FTP Get command by specifying the last qualifier of the Path Name provided (the file name).
  8. Retrieve multiple files by using the 'mget' command. Mget will cause the system to download all files in the directory. Mget by default will prompt you to type Y or N to get each file. If you wish to download multiple files without being prompted, you can type the command 'prompt' which will turn off the prompts. Typing 'prompt' again will reverse the action and cause the prompts to reappear.
  9. Consult the manual for your version of Unix for other wildcard options such as mget *.iso (get all files with .iso extension), mget c* (get all files beginning with 'c'), etc.

Example commands:

FTP Client Instruction: Host:
User Name: anonymous Password:
FTP Location: /orders/105246/306085/comp/

To get two PDF files in the order:

Figure 2