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CA UNZIP Utility

  • CA Chorus Software Manager (CA CSM) - formerly known as CA Mainframe Software Manager (CA MSM) - is an intuitive web-based tool that can automate and simplify many CA Technologies product installation and maintenance activities. We strongly recommend that you use CA CSM to maintain your CA z/OS-based products. For details about the latest release, see CA CSM Release 5.1 documentation.
  • For non-CA CSM users, we now offer a new CA UNZIP utility to simplify maintenance management. CAUNZIP is a TSO utility that extracts the contents of a Published Solutions maintenance package order from the Download Center on CA Support Online. This utility lets you process zip-format packages directly on z/OS without the need for an intermediate platform such as a Windows workstation. The utility extracts the contents of the order and produces a Network Temporary Store (NTS) formatted set of z/OS UNIX files. These files can be used for SMP/E RECEIVE processing.

    • To use this utility, you must have CA Common Services Version 14.0 with PTF RO54887 or CA Common Services Release 14.1 with PTF RO54635 and RO58216 applied. The CA Common Services Administration Guide includes detailed CA UNZIP information. We also offer a CA UNZIP Quick Reference Guide on the CA Download Center.
    • You can now order customized maintenance packages that contain all PTFs published after any desired date. You can process those packages directly on z/OS using CAUNZIP.
    • With this enhanced capability, Aggregate Maintenance is no longer needed and will be discontinued December 31, 2013.