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CA Process Automation and Oracle Issue Resolved

Date: October 04, 2012

For several releases now there has been an issue in the known issues section of the CA Process Automation release notes with the title "Oracle DBMS May Return Corrupted Data" which reports a problem where inserted data could be truncated under heavy load.

This problem was in the Oracle RDBMS and could be reproduced outside of PAM by Oracle using a portable test case provided by CA, but the difficulty of reproducing this reliably made progress slow. The case continued to be pursued by both Oracle and CA, and recent tests conducted by both CA and Oracle have indicated has been resolved in more current version of the Oracle RDBMS.

Because of this progress, this item will be updated to the following in future versions of our release notes.

Oracle bug # 9347941
Important! When running with versions of the Oracle RDBMS prior to release CA Process Automation would occasionally hit known Oracle RDBMS defect 9347941 in which concurrent inserts of CLOB data where the individual column values exceed 52K bytes in size may occasionally have such columns updated incorrectly with data past the 52K offset replaced by spaces. This issue has been seen using both 10g and earlier 11g versions of the Oracle RDBMS.
The symptom most commonly observed with CA Process Automation is that a CA Process Automation process would become stuck, and that the Operator the process is stuck on would need to be reset for the process to continue. Problem is infrequent and is only seen with extremely high rates of update contention.
This has not been seen when running either version or of Oracle, and It is recommended that sites using Oracle for their CA Process Automation databases be running version or or later.