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CA GMI Ordering and Download Information

This document provides information on how to order and/or download the CA Graphical Management Interface (CA GMI).

Several CA products support CA GMI. These are referred to as CA GMI qualified products. If you have a license for one of the CA GMI qualifying products, then you can order and install CA Vantage GMI on the host and its user-interface clients separately, free of charge. CA Vantage GMI cannot be ordered separately unless you have a license for one of the CA GMI qualifying products.

How to order CA GMI

CA Graphical Management Interface (CA GMI) can be ordered online through the support pages of the CA GMI qualified product. First go to your licensed CA qualified product web page on CA Support Online, then select the CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager link and locate the Online Orders link. Fill in the form and submit it.

How to download and install CA GMI

To implement CA GMI, you must install CA Vantage SRM (the z/OS server component) which includes CA Vantage GMI, at least one of the user-interface clients (you can install and use all of them), and the CA GMI qualified products you have licenses for. After you install CA Vantage SRM, you must configure the CA Vantage GMI part of it.

Go to the CA Vantage SRM product page for installation material, download instructions, and for more information about CA Vantage SRM.