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CA Gen and 64 Bit Address Spaces and Operating Systems

Over the past eight years or so, operating systems have evolved to a standard where the use of 64 bit operations is now the norm whereas 32 bit operating systems are being phased out.

CA Gen Servers
The UNIX systems that are supported by CA Gen have been using 64 bit operating systems for quite some time. During that time, CA Gen generated applications continued to support a 32 bit generated application in our runtimes and other supporting software. This state of affairs worked fine until some of our third party vendors for databases, middleware and transaction processors began to only provide 64 bit libraries or APIs which were not compatible with our 32 bit binaries. We see this as an inevitable (or even already attained) trend and consequently, we are moving towards a 64 bit only generated application solution to be phased in over the next two to three years.

Our first entry in providing a 64 bit generated application server solution was the HP Integrity platform. As the HP PA-RISC platforms have reached their end of supported life and we prepared to support only the HP Integrity servers, we discovered that the databases only provided a 64 bit API for this platform. So we worked our Transaction Enabler, User Funnel and the Implementation Toolset as well as the build process to ensure that the generated application was 64 bit capable to support only a 64 bit solution.

We next provided a 64 bit Windows server as part of CA Gen 8.0 Interim Enhancement 2. The libraries were 64 bit enabled though the CA Gen Transaction Enabler and CA Gen Transaction Enabler User Funnel remained at the 32 bit level. For the lifetime of CA Gen 8.0, we will support both 32 and 64 bit generated applications. However, we will only support 64 bit servers on Windows in CA Gen 8.5 and future releases.

We are working on providing 64 bit versions of the Solaris, AIX and Linux CA Gen Implementation Toolsets, CA Gen Transaction Enablers and CA Gen Transaction Enabler User Funnels for CA Gen 8.5 and beyond. We do not have plans to retrofit these into CA Gen 8.0. Beginning with CA Gen 8.5, we will only support 64 bit generated applications on our UNIX and Linux servers.

Generated mainframe applications will remain 31 bit capable.

CA Gen Clients

On the client side, we plan to continue supporting only 32 bit GUI clients, Communications Client Managers and the Communications Bridge Server for the foreseeable future. Since we will only support 32 bit clients, by extension we will only support the 32 bit version of Microsoft's Host Integration Server.

CA Gen Design Tools

The CA Gen Workstation Toolset and CA Gen Studio will remain 32 bit enabled since these do not interface with any third party applications and CA Gen Studio shares many of the CA Gen Workstation Toolset DLLs.

The CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia (CSE) will be migrated to 64 bits over the next few years as our ability to interface with 32 bit database APIs will lessen over time. No schedule is currently available for this effort.

We do not plan to change the CA Gen Encyclopedia Server for z/OS.