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CA ControlMinder r12.7 Upgrade Information

This upgrade page is the place to find information needed to successfully upgrade to CA ControlMinder r12.7. We have organized it in a step-by-step fashion to ease the installation and upgrade process. We hope you find this format helpful.

Step 1. Planning and Requirement

  1. Review the new features summary from the CA ControlMinder r12.7 General Availability Announcement.
  2. Create an Architectural design of how your environment looks today.
  3. List out what versions you are running today.
  4. Review the CA ControlMinder Compatibility Matrix Index to ensure the platforms you plan to use upon deployment are supported.
  5. Optionally schedule a CA Healthcheck with CA Services (highly encouraged for larger deployments).

Step 2. Architecture and Design

  1. Optionally schedule a CA ControlMinder Implementation Services with CA Services.
  2. Post any questions you have to the CA ControlMinder Message Board.

Step 3. Develop and Install

  1. Plan by following our extensive product documentation:
    1. CA ControlMinder r12.7 Implementation Guide
    2. CA ControlMinder r12.7 Upgrade Guide
    3. CA ControlMinder r12.7 Release Notes
    4. CA ControlMinder r12.7 Troubleshooting Guide

Step 4. Testing
Simulate your existing setup in a test environment. Best clone your DMS and its infrastructure in virtual machines to be able to reset them anytime. Once the test environment has been built, run through the level of testing appropriate for your organization.

Step 5. Migrate to Production / Activate the Service
After the testing has been completed and the results are sufficient, migrate the new environment to production as appropriate for your organization.

Step 6. Stay active in the community!

  1. Share your experiences with other users in the CA Security Global User Community.