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CA ControlMinder 12.7
CumulativeFix-1 (CF1) FIXLIST

No. Severity Problem summary Package Problem ID TestFix / PublishFix
1 1 Fixes an issue where the Enterprise Management server reaches the maximum number of available connections which results in Jboss crash. This behavior was observed when opening hundreds of RDP sessions using login applications. The fix adds a job mechanism that can be configured to check the session status, an operation that is done every 10 seconds. The default expression is set to one minute. AC1270767 74 T50V018
2 3 Fixes an issue with the embedded ControlMinder endpoint for Windows where dbmgr -d switch can crash with abnormal input AC1270824    
3 3 Fixes an issue where "Approve" and "Reject" buttons tool tips are not localized in the Enterprise Management "waiting for approval" screen. AC1270840    
4 2 Fixes the expected error message that is displayed when trying to check-in an exclusive account password where it is indicated that there is 1 open session  even though there are more than 1 open sessions. AC1270847    
5 2 Fixed an issue with IE 8.0 where an error message was displayed in the View Submitted Task page AC1270504    
6 3 Fixes the following issues:
  1. Feeder functionality check for endpoint creation with operational administrative account
  2. Feeder functionality check for endpoint deletion.
  3. Check export endpoints from World View with "Include connection attributes" option.
  4. EndpointValidator fix - when modifying disconnected endpoint the admin account was not found and the operation failed
7 3 Fixes the translation of the Japanese and Korean CA Business intelligence  reports AC1270721    
8 3 Added the following email events :
DeletePrivilegedAccountExceptionNotStartedEvent. In case where requestor
deletes a password request, an email will be sent to the recipients.
9 2 Fixes an issue with the 'Change my password" screen, where the current password was automatically inserted into the password field.  AC1270819    
10 3 Fixes an issue where privileged account discovery fails after Modifying a SSH device root password AC1270820    
11 3 Fixes Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Enterprise Management  AC1270826    
12 3 Fixes an issue when creating Endpoint for SSH device with sudo_connector_conf.xml, an error message appears AC1270809    
13 3 Fixes an issue where password change failed due to the fact the account is endpoint administrator AC1270810    
14 3 Fixes an issue where an error message appears while modifying an endpoint of type "Access Control for PUPM"  AC1270811    
15 3 Removed a punctuation character at the end of the email subject and at the end of the message appeared after clicking "approve" button when approving privilege account request. AC1270795    
16 3 Fixes an issue where the error message is garbled when creating windows agentless endpoint with wrong password AC1270797    
17 2 Fixes an issue where in case an exclusive session checkout period elapses and the user does not terminate the session or check-in the account password, SAM does not force the password check-in. To solve the issue a mechanism was added to force check-in according to the value set in RescheduleCheckIn property in CA Identity Minder Management Console (default is set to 5 minutes interval). AC1270798    
18 3 Removed 'Create Group' and 'Delete Group' tasks from Enterprise Management UI when using Active Directory user store. AC1270799    
19 3 Fixes an issue where creating an endpoint with a predefined account failed because the "Last Failed Connection Date" is selected. AC1270804    
20 2 Fixes an issue where an error message appears when attempting to create  privileged account by searching the endpoint. AC1270805    
21 3 Removed a punctuation that appeared when  user get password when checking out an account. AC1270779    
22 3 In Japanese environment, "Approve" and "Reject" buttons in the Work List screen are not localized Customer wants them to be shown in Japanese label. AC1270780    
23 3 Customer requested privileged account access and it approved but the privileged account is not listed in My Privileged Account. After adding a group that the requester user belong to member policy Break Glass role, it appears. AC1270781    
24 3 Fixes an issue where garbled message details  appears in the "Failed to reset password" when creating new account. AC1270787    
25 3 EMAIL Setting doesn't accept hyphen(-) and underscore(_) after @ symbol( and AC1270789    
26 2 Fixes an issue where during bulk password change task users were unable to check out and check in passwords from the Enterprise Management UI.  AC1270761    
    1. ControlMinder Enterprise Management Server now grants priority to interactive actions done via the UI over scheduled tasks.  AC1270757    
    2. In case a user attempts to perform an action on a checked out account that has failed to check in from the "my account" tab, they will receive the following error message: "Operation failed to complete. Check in the account password and check it out again." to avoid a  case where the user retrieves an incorrect password.       
    3. If a password reset (automatic or manual) failed and the user is trying to check-out the account, ControlMinder Enterprise Management attempts to change (reset) the account password although the account is not marked as "change password on check-out".       
    4. The Message Queue time to live (for interactive tasks done via the UI such as check-in, check-out, reset password, etc) changed to 10 minutes from 1 day.      
    5.  When modifying the Password expiration interval of a password policy by unchecking all days the Enterprise Management Server does not update the Cron job schedule properly       
27 4 Fixes an issue with the Endpoint Management UI on the where added accessors are not saved in the 'Authorize' tab AC1270762    
28 4 Fixes an issue where Multiple domain display in USER/GROUP REPOSITORY list in CA Access Control Endpoint Management. AC1270769    
29 3 Fixes an issue where host name is not displayed in any of the break glass UARM reports  AC1270771    
30 2 Fixes an issue where capture snapshot failed to retrieve historical data after upgrade. AC1270754 158 T50V017 
31 2 Fixes an issue when searching for an endpoint in the create privileged account screen where the search did not fetch the endpoint as defined by the appropriate member rule. AC1270743    
32 4 Fixes an issue when attempting to change the administrative account details of an endpoint, the change is not committed. AC1270747    
33 3 Fixes an issue where delegating approve or reject rights to an Active Directory account results in an error message. AC1270749    
34 2 Fixes an issue where search for accounts in a copied account request task returned a warning message and does not display the results. AC1270734    
35 2 Added endpoint attributes as variables to the automatic login VB script AC1270738    
36 3 Fixes an issue with Privileged Account Scope rule when defining a Privileged Access Role using the "Contains" operand does not return the expected results. AC1270725    
37 3 Fixes an issue where Localized error message is garbled due to incorrect format. AC1270729    
38 3 Fixes an issue where Tibco messages appears in Linux Console screen after message queue is rebooted AC1270731