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CA Common Services for z/OS
Installation Bulletin for v14.1

Last Updated: June 11, 2012

  • Please review the following items and all Product Bulletins

  • This new release may be installed into an existing CCS v14.0 SMP/E environment. Upgrading from any CA Common Services version earlier than v14.0 will require a new SMP/E environment.

  • An IPL is required to implement v14.1. An IPL is also required to backout to a previous release.

  • This is a new release of CA Common Services for z/OS therefore you must perform a new installation for the components being delivered at a new release. Only BASE and OPTIONAL pax files are new with this release. The following components within these two pax files remain at the same version as was delivered previously with CA Common Services v14.0

    CAECIS 3.5 - CA Examine Common Inventory Service - FMID:  CD0E350
    CA-GSS 14.0  - Integration and cross platform communication - FMID: CBYSE00
    CA-GREXX 14.0  - Rexx EXEC Environment - FMID: CCF3E00
    CA-XPS 14.0 - Cross-platform scheduling common component - FMID: CCF9E00

    Note: There are GSS and XPS PTFs included in the r14.1 optional pax file SMPMCS. These PTFs should be applied with the FORFMID keyword on the SMP RECEIVE and SMP APPLY statement.

  • Please refer to solution RI46930 before implementing release 14.1. This common upgrad solution identifies any HIPER and/or highly recommended PTFs that are above this release level. It is recommended that the solutions pertaining to the components you installed be applied before implementing r14.1 for the first time. This solution is a "living document" and will periodically be updated as needed.

  • It is recommended that Datacom/AD v14 be installed if a database is needed. If already running ENF r12 or ENF v14 with the Datacom/AD r12 database, you can continue to use your existing r12 database with ENF r14.1, but you will first need to run a job to import this releases version of the CAIENF plan into your existing CA Datacom/AD environment. Sample job AW1IMPRT is provided in the CAW0JCL installation data set. Refer to the CA Common Services Installation Guide, section titled: Customize an Existing CA Datacom/AD for CAIENF

Because the CAIENF plan names are unique, you are able to import the new plan into an existing database prior to implementing the new ENF release. The new ENF plan is compatible with both Datacom/AD v12 and v14.