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CA ARCserve Backup Patch Manager Information


CA ARCserve Backup Patch Manager (Patch Manager) helps you to easily find, download, and install new (CA ARCserve Backup) patches. You can use Patch Manager to provide a fast, easy, and reliable solution to keep your backup environment up-to-date with the latest patches. Patch Manager automates the patch management process and eliminates the need to manually install critical product updates. Patch Manager also helps to keep your backup environment protected from security vulnerabilities.

CA ARCserve Backup Patch Manager provides the following main features:

  • Checks for new and available patches from CA
  • Performs automatic checks for critical patches and determines the dependency rules for selected patches during the download, install, and uninstall process
  • Triggers automatic (for critical patches only) or manual downloading and installation of available patches
  • Allows you to specify a custom schedule for automatic patch download and install of critical patches
  • Generates reports to view the current state of CA ARCserve Backup installed patches on a server including the history of downloaded, installed and uninstalled patches
  • Creates email notifications when new patches become available, when they are downloaded, and/or when they are installed

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