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Advantage VISION:Excel
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Streamlining Auditing and Data Analysis

Whether the task is internal auditing, financial analysis, market research or human resources analysis, corporate end users need fast, direct access to enterprise server data.

The audit and analysis functions of Advantage VISION:Excel are automatically programmed so that tasks previously done by the Information Technology (IT) staff are now done by the end user. The resulting independence enhances proficiency and productivity throughout an organization.

Universal File Access for Easy Migration

Advantage VISION:Excel is com pat ible with IBM enterprise server-based file types including VSAM, sequential, partitioned data sets and source statement libraries. Optional database interfaces are available for IBM's DB2, SQL/DS, DLI and IMS/DB and CA-IDMS/DB. There's virtually no limit to the number of input or output files Advantage VISION:Excel can handle.

Creating and Validating Test Data

Advantage VISION:Excel gives you a bird's eye view of your data so you can quickly determine the scope of updating your data warehouse. Using the Frequency Distribution Categorization method, you can create a summary report identifying each account code and how many items there are within each account group.

You can also use Advantage VISION:Excel to ensure that all possible transaction types are tested and that valid test data for all transactions is available by creating test files and databases using statistical sampling.

Advantage VISION:Excel also gives the ability to recreate test files, without sacrificing the statistical validity, using a "seed number" from the built-in random number generator. To ensure the accuracy of your test, you can compare the contents of the "before" and "after" files, automatically flagging any difference between the files.

Total Flexibility with Full Functionality

Advantage VISION:Excel provides a wide range of functions you can easily customize, including:

  • Statistical, non-statistical, stratified, nonstratified, random and interval sampling
  • Aging analysis, frequency distribution, linear regression and trend line analysis
  • Declining balance depreciation method
  • Standard deviation calculations for single and group items
  • Calendar date conversions and four-digit year support
  • International monetary support
  • Extensive reporting for SMF and RMF records

Data Access from the PC

Advantage Intraccess is a PC-based Java application and a host-based server that provides corporate intranet access to existing queries on the host. Using VISION:Intraccess, users can view a gallery of reports and queries, and then run and monitor queries. For more information about Advantage Intraccess click here.

Advantage VISION:Excel Manuals

  • Getting Started
  • New Release Planning Guide
  • Reference Manual
  • Reference Summary
  • Installation for MVS
  • Installation for VSE
  • Installation for CMS
  • Messages and Codes
  • SMF/RMF Reporting Manual
  • Toolkit Reference Manual