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CA ERwin Data Modeler Crystal Reports Downloads

CA's company-wide Crystal Reports distribution contract with SAP has ended. In accordance with this event, ERwin Inc. is no longer able to distribute Crystal Reports Developer software in any future or currently active past ERwin Data Modeler product releases after March 31, 2016. Customers are urged to upgrade their existing ERwin Data Modeler software to our latest product release (r9.64.01) to take advantage of our flexible, easy to use and point/click Report Designer functionality. Additionally, this new product release will also allow you to benefit from:

  • Native 64-bit application support that can fully utilize more than 3GB of workstation memory thereby improving overall product performance when working with large and extremely large models.
  • Internationalization for: French, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Russian.
  • Enhancements to SCAPI (ERwin API) to provide service-level functionality that adds the capability for programmatic controlled forward and reverse engineering.
  • A new mart hosting option for using PostgreSQL - an open source database that strongly conforms to the ANSI SQL 2008 standard and is available for all major operating systems.
  • Several significant performance improvements.
  • Latest updated metadata import/export bridges (v9.0) that provides enhanced access to existing and several new metadata sources. Refer to CA ERwin Data Modeler Release Notes for a full list of available bridges and updates.

Customers wishing to continue using the Crystal Reports Developer product can purchase a copy of Crystal Reports Developer directly from SAP or they may use any other similar product available to them that can to connect via ODBC to ERwin Data Modeler. ERwin Inc. plans to continue providing Crystal Reports Viewer as part of the ERwin Data Modeler product for the time being.