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Test Data Manager Troubleshooting Guide and Checklist

Last Updated: December 01, 2016

This document is a checklist of items that need to be collected as well as a set of general trouble shooting steps that need to be completed before engaging Test Data Manager Subject Matter Experts for assistance using Fast Track Support.

If solution was not found in the Knowledge Base, documentation, or the communities, the following items need to be completed and collected before the bypass case is created.

  • Complete appropriate troubleshooting steps

    • Verify there is a good working backup of the system in case there is a need to rollback
    • Review change and release management logs
      • Whenever possible, determine whether changes have been made to the system or environment (AMS has dependency on the OD infrastructure team)
        • Upstream, Downstream, OS, Network, hardware, fiber, hubs, routers, security, etc
    • If troubleshoot has to be done on the production environment, ensure the system and all of its DB’s have been backed up in their entirety before starting troubleshooting process
    • Complete troubleshooting steps outlined for appropriate components: 

Please provide us with the following DevTest artifacts:


  1. A screenshot or a text copy of the error observed.
  2. Clean ‘workstation.log’ in debug while the error is reproduced.
  3. ‘’ file.
  4. vsm/vsi of the virtual service.
  5. ...

Note: To get clean logs and set logging to DEBUG:

  1. Set the following in
  2. Then stop any DevTest services or processes, remove the files with a .log extension (*.log) from the lisatmp_* folder and restart DevTest.


Please provide us with the following Data Finder artifacts:


  1. A screenshot or a text copy of the error observed.
  2. Steps taken when the issue occurred (or to reproduce the issue).
  3. Source/target databases and versions.
  4. GTSDM log, connection, mapping and options file (if this is a masking issue).
  5. Job log, text, html files from folder “%appdata%\Grid-Tools\TestMatch” (if this is a Test Match issue).
    • Provide the results of troubleshooting steps taken
    • Collect any logs as outlined in troubleshooting Guides so they can be attached to case if needed

If issue is still not resolved, please log a bypass case including the following completed checklist in the case activity:

Customer Details

  • Customer Name:
  • Customer Site ID:
  • Customer Type (On-Demand or On-Premise):
  • Product Name:
  • Product Version:
  • Product Patch Level:
  • Customer environmental detail (if On Premise):
    • Note: Be sure to include vendor/version for each: Database, Server, 3rd Party apps(CABI, JAVA, etc…), Browser

Analyzed Summary:

  • Complete problem statement:
  • Logs collected during troubleshooting:
  • Steps to Reproduce (STR) / Steps Attempted to Reproduce (Step 1., Step 2., Step 3., etc.):
  • Expected Results:
  • Actual Results:
  • Application URLs / Credentials:
  • Details of Special Circumstances:
    • including unique application settings, configurations, upgrade from and to versions, applicable logs, traces, screenshots, etc. attached to the ticket, etc…
  • Details of replication:
    • including URL/credentials for either customer dataset and/or where the issue was replicated on generic data.

Business Impact:

  • What business activity cannot be completed and what is the impact on the business?

Business Use Case:

  • What are you attempting to achieve, how and why?