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Windows 2012R2 Server x64 bit OS and NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 Agents & Managers

Windows 2012R2 Server x64 bit (Standard & Datacenter editions with server with a GUI installation option) in a Standalone (Non-Cluster) Environment.

IE 11 support will be in compatibility mode only.

The following components have been certified:


  • Log Agent

  • System Agent

  • Script Agent

  • Performance Agent

  • Active Directory Agent

  • Event Agent

  • WMI Agent

  • JMO Agent


  • World View

  • DSM

  • EM

  • SPO

  • Web GUI(s) like AEC, UCM, UMP, UBI, URM, ADS and Post installation utilities

Fix Required:

RO66213 - CCSEM


  1. For new installation of NSM Agents & Manager on a Windows 2012R2 Server OS, it is recommended to apply all the Master Image of Windows 2012 support fixes to NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 Master Image and then use that Image to install required NSM Agents & Managers.

    The Master Image Fixes include corresponding Local Install Fixes. All fixes are available from below link.

  2. Local Install Fixes are required to support NSM on Windows 2012 and R2. Fixes need to be applied based on components installed.

  3. For the NSM r11.2 SP2 release, all the r11.2 SP2 CUM1 Published Cumulative Fixes need to be applied in order to run NSM on Windows 2012R2.

    (Please refer below link for the fix list)

  4. In case of using NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 with SQL Server 2012/SP1/SP2, Please refer to below SQL 2012 Certification Link and proceed accordingly

Known Issues:

  1. Few of NSM Web components UI's like UCM and AEC have some issues with Internet Explorer 11 native mode, and these components are supported when browser mode is changed to IE 11 compatibility mode.

  2. URM (Unicenter Remote Monitoring) has .NET Framework 1.1/SP1 as prerequisite but this version of .NET framework is not supported not on Windows Server 2008/2012/2012 R2. As a work around user can manually install .NET framework.