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Welcome to CA Client Automation Support

CA Technologies offers a new Automation portfolio with modular solutions designed to streamline distributed and datacenter management processes spanning a wide range of heterogeneous physical and virtual environments. Within this portfolio, CA Technologies offers purpose-built solutions with specific capabilities designed for either a datacenter environment, or an end-user environment.

  • CA Server Automation is focused on the management of virtualized and physical servers and will support those requirements inherent in the next generation of dynamic datacenters, such as elasticity, optimization, compliance, governance and the availability of virtualization technologies.

  • CA Client Automation (formerly part of CA IT Client Manager) is focused on the management of end-user environments, such as traditional desktops/laptops as well as virtual desktops and applications delivered from the datacenter.

CA Client Automation is designed to provide comprehensive visibility into the infrastructure supporting end-user computing and automate the daily operational processes needed to support the client device environment - whether physical or virtual. So no matter how complex your IT environment, CA Client Automation can help streamline the time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks that bog down your IT organization, helping you run more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

Included in the CA Client Automation are the following functions:

  • CA Asset Management: Proactively manage your enterprise IT assets with full-featured tracking, discovery and inventory capabilities.
  • CA Software Delivery: Automate the management and distribution of software across your heterogeneous business environment.
  • CA Remote Control: Control and support the remote desktops and laptops across your IT environment.
  • CA Asset Intelligence: Leverage advanced asset analytics to guide effective IT decision-making.
  • CA Patch Manager: Proactively manage the entire software patch lifecycle.
  • CA Desktop Migration Manager: Plan and automate an efficient, cost-effective and controlled system migration process during PC change initiatives.
  • In-depth reporting and analysis complementing existing reporting capabilities.

Support Pages

CA Support is working on providing all support information for the features of CA Client Automation, which will be made available on this support page. Until then, to locate the support information for a particular part of the solution, please click on one of the product links located on the right side of the page. Clicking on a product support page link will display the individual support information for that individual product including Product News, Knowledge Base Updates, Downloads, and more.

Thank you for using CA Client Automation!