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Reminder for CA Top Secret for z/OS customers using the CICS component

Last year on June 16, 2007 you were provided with HIPER maintenance to prevent reoccurrence of a CICS signon problem. We are asking that you review the following to verify that appropriate maintenance levels are in place and take any necessary action before July 27, 2008.

Who should be concerned?

CA Top Secret for z/OS customers with the CICS component installed for release r9 with PTFs QO86841 or QO86842 or QO88140 applied - prior to Service Pack 3 - who have not applied HIPER PTF QO89178. This HIPER PTF is included in release r9 Service Pack 3.

What will occur?

The external user symptom is the inability to sign on to the CICS application during the period from July 27, 2008 (at 11:29:11.626 hours) through July 28, 2008 (at 06:34:31.103 hours). The customer may experience the following ABEND at CICS sign on: DFHAC2206 Transaction CESN failed with ABEND AEXZ.