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Problem in Java Runtime Environment versions 6u27 through 6u29 impacting PAM instances using Microsoft SQL Server

A problem has been reported with updates 27 through 29 of the Java 6 Runtime Environment which will effect users of applications, including CA PAM, which access Microsoft SQL Server using JDBC. This is listed as bug 7105007 in the SDN bug database.

One symptom observed for PAM is that an Orchestrator install will hang when creating the PAM database, but because the problem effects any JDBC connection to a SQL server 2008R2 database other symptoms are possible. Reverting to an earlier update of Java 6, (for instance 6u24), resolves the problem.

If you believe you are encountering this problem, please confirm your java version by running java -version in the environment where you are performing the installation looking for version 1.6.0_27 though 1.6.0_29.

This notification will be updated once a remediation is known, but until then it is strongly suggested 6u29 be avoided.

Please note, an unrelated problem where PAM processes will not load for JRE versions 6u25 and above has been resolved with PAM 3.1 SP01, or with IT PAM 3.0 SP1 plus RO36435 (Cumulative patch PAM 3.0 SP01 CP03).