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License Package 1.9.x is now available

Licensing Package rel 1.9.x


  • Vulnerability fixes

  • A couple of localization issues are fixed

  • Ensured that it is in compliance with Windows 2008 logo certification

  • Data Files updated (Prod_codes.txt, Lic_comp_codes.dat)

  • Memory leak issue when using Licensing runtime libraries has been fixed

  • Licensing expiration problem in 64-bit windows

  • Crash during silent registration.

  • Soft links, Lic98err directory are removed when upgrading from 1.7 or later in Linux

The package is available under CA ALP License Package Downloads found at the following link:

Each platform that the new release was created for has been updated. Some platforms, like OpenVMS are not part of rel 1.9.x.

Upgrade/Install instructions:

  1. Stop all CA products and Services

  2. Install the new package by running Silent.exe