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How to open a Support Issue for release 11.3.5

Date: February 08, 2013
To: WA AE Customers
From: The CA Technologies WA AE Product Team
Subject: Selecting WA AE R11.3.5 to open issue

The WA AE R11.3 point release 11.3.5 was made available on 12/21/2012.

To open support issues related to this product release, the same product identification used to access the product download is required. That is, 11.3.5 is the 11.3 release 5000 Gen Level.

How to Create an AutoSys 11.3.5 Release Specific Issue to CA Support

  • From Support By Product menu on the left, click Open a Case
  • In the Product drop down, select one of the CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys Edition) options – for example, CA Workload Automation AE Server - MULTI-PLATFORM
  • In the Release drop down,

    Select                    11.3
  • In the product Component issue related to from drop down,

    Select                    <component>
    (ex, “CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)”, “Workload Control Center”,..)
  • In the Service Pack drop down,

    Select                    5000
    (by selecting 5000 you identify the 11.3 release as 11.3.5)
  • In the Operating System drop down,

    Select                    <Operating System used>
    (ex, “AIX”, “HP”, “Linux”, “SOLARIS-10”, “Windows”,…)

Then complete the Case Information section which follows. Below you will find an example of completed Product Information section to create a sample 11.3.5 issue:

Figure 1

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