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Free Limited Usage of CA Directory with CA SiteMinder r12.5

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CA SiteMinder r12.5 introduced support of CA Directory as a Session Store. Now customers can take advantage of CA Directory free of charge as a repository for Session Data, Policy Data, and/or encryption Keys Data (commonly referred to as Session Store, Policy Store, and/or Key Store respectively). This provides a great opportunity for CA SiteMinder customers to take advantage of the unparalleled performance and scalability of CA Directory for these critical repository needs. Under any of these usage patterns, this is a great way for customers to derive the value of combining CA Technologies' product offerings to more effectively address your business needs.


Q1 I am running a version of SiteMinder prior to 12.5, am I eligible for using CA Directory as a Policy/Session/Key Store for free?
A1 No, the use of CA Directory as policy store, session store, and key store is offered only in conjunction with SiteMinder 12.5. However, as long as you are under a valid maintenance contract you can upgrade to SiteMinder 12.5 and get the free use of CA Directory as policy store, session store, and key store.

Q2 Does the free use of CA Directory also apply to its use as a SiteMinder User Store?
A2 No. To use CA Directory as a user store it will be necessary for you to purchase appropriate licenses for CA Directory.

Q3 Will I have to pay maintenance fees for the use of CA Directory when used as Policy Store, Session Store, and Key Store with SiteMinder 12.5?
A3 No you will not, but if you use it as a user store, you will have to pay license and maintenance fees as normal.

Q4 Is CA Directory bundled with CA SiteMinder 12.5?
A4 No, you will need to download and install CA Directory separately.

Q5 What version of CA Directory can I use with SiteMinder 12.5?
A5 Please see the Platform Support Matrix for SiteMinder 12.5 on the CA Support web site. It is important to note that only with CA Directory 12 SP7 or later can CA Directory be used as a session store with CA SiteMinder 12.5.

Q6 How can I get CA Directory?
A6 All SiteMinder customers will have their entitlements changed so they have the ability to download the CA Directory product from the CA product download web site.

Q7 Will this free use of CA Directory be carried forward with future releases?
A7 Yes.

Q8 I understand that CA Directory is also available as a provisioning directory for CA IdentityMinder. Is that true?
A8 Yes that is true. It is free of charge when used as a provisioning directory, the directory instance that CA IdentityMinder uses to store endpoint templates.