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Critical defect impacting customers using SiteMinder 6 SP6 CR3
in a mixed version policy server environment

Date: January 26, 2011

On Wednesday, January 05, 2011, CA released CR3 of Service Pack 6 to CA SiteMinder r6. An issue has been identified with this CR3 release in a mixed policy server environment with releases either prior to r6 SP6 CR3 or SiteMinder r12 policy servers resulting in an incompatibility which will cause single sign-on to fail. The result of the single sign-on failure is the user will be challenged to re-authenticate. Note that if the user originally authenticated with a policy server version prior to r6 SP6 CR3, single sign-on will function properly.

We believe this defect could affect multiple customers, so we have suspended availability of the cumulative release service pack and are advising customers not to install that specific cumulative release (r6 SP6 CR3). The source of the defect has been identified by the SiteMinder development team and an updated CR3 release with a new build number and will be available by Tuesday, February 01, 2011.

Please contact CA Support with any questions you have.

We thank you for your business and will continue to work hard to earn it.


Herb Mehlhorn, Senior Director of Product Management

Update: SiteMinder r6 SP6 CR3 is reposted and the PS, PSOP, and SDK versions are build 552 versus the previous version 551. The web agent kits were not modified and have the original build number 551.