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Configuration Store May Fill Up Without Warning

UARM/ELM versions prior to 12.5 SP4 (12.5.04) use the default data store size of 256 MB. This data store should not be confused with the actual database files which store event information. The configuration data store is embedded with the EEM (Embedded Entitlements Manager) product. UARM/ELM has a very large collection of integration, mapping, parsing, rules, reports, queries and configuration in this data store. As new updates are applied to the product it is possible to exceed 256 MB.

A knowledgebase article (TEC481861) has been published by CA's Directory team on how to check if the data store space is reaching its predefined limits and how to extend the database size if you are running into warning messages.

The information in TEC481861 is written to cover a wide range of CA Directory and EEM configurations, therefore the instructions may be too general for some users who are not familiar with EEM and CA Directory. In efforts to provide more guidance, the following breaks down the steps to increase the data store a little further. Please use the following in conjunction, and not in replace of, Technical Document TEC481861. Instructions below are for Unix based systems as this is the most common configuration. Windows procedures are similar except you normally do not need to change users as long as you are a local admin and you would stop and start the CA EEM and CA Directory services.

  1. Stop iGateway (./S99igateway stop) from /opt/CA/SharedComponents/iTechnology as root user on all the UARM Servers

    1. Shutdown the DSA

    2. Make sure you 'su -' to root, on the EEM server machine.

    3. Then 'su - dsa' . The dsa password is not provided to users which is why you must 'su -' to root first.

  2. Run: 'dxserver stop all'

  3. Edit the dxgrid-db-size parameter within the DSA's initialization file (DXHOME/config/servers/%7BdsaName.dxi%7D)

    1. DXHOME normally, not always, translates to /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver/config/servers

    2. dsaName.dxi is the dxi file that does not have 'Router' in the name. It is normally iTechPoz-<server-name>.dxi

    3. While editing the file, you may find the default db size set to 256 MB. You can double this value.

      set dxgrid-db-size = 512;

    4. Save the file.

  4. Run "dxextenddb %7BdsaName%7D"

    1. %7BdsaName%7D is normally iTechPoz-<server_name>
      You can run 'dxserver status' to verify

  5. Restart the DSA

    1. Run 'dxserver start all'

    2. You can confirm if the processes started correctly by running 'dxserver status'

  6. Start iGateway (./S99igateway start) from /opt/CA/SharedComponents/iTechnology on all UARM servers. Start with the first UARM server you installed with and then wait a few moments before starting the others.