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CAZIP.exe, CAZIPXP.exe, and Applyptf

Last Updated: February 7, 2001

This document is only applicable to products whose files reside on NT.

A "Master Image" is a copy of the install media. On NT, it is a copy of the CD image. "Master Image" files can only be updated via Applyptf for products that use CA-Installer. Please refer to the patch documentation for details on how to apply the patch to a Master Image.

Many of the files on a "Master Image" are compressed. Applyptf uses cazip.exe and cazipxp.exe to compress files before applying them to a "Master Image". If you are applying fixes to a "Master Image", cazip.exe and cazipxp.exe must exist on your machine, in a directory that is part of the path statement.

Cazip.exe can compress a single file. The naming convention for the compressed file is usually to change the last character to underscore (e.g. caucomn.dl_ ). Most files on a master image are compressed using cazip.exe.

Cazipxp.exe can compress multiple files into a single package. The name of a cazipxp compressed package typically ends with .CAZ. Cazipxp.exe is often used on a master image when there are multiple small files to be installed to a single directory (e.g help files, icons). Cazipxp.exe is also used in the packaging of published fixes.

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