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CA Level 1 recommendation to WA Dist AutoSys R11.0 users
to upgrade to the latest product release:
AutoSys R11.0 SP4 Incremental 2

In an effort to Delight our Customers, the WA Dist AutoSys Development/SE have worked hard to improve numerous issues related to installation, performance and robustness within the AutoSys R 11.0 product, as well as all the associated products (i.e. WCC, BOXI) and embedded products (i.e. EEM, SSA, CCI, and EM) . There has been a steady improvement with these products with the availability of the various Service Packs; SP1, SP2, SP3 and SP4 (and subsequent incremental patches for each). The WA Dist AutoSys team is pleased to announce the latest improved release, AutoSys 11.0 SP 4 incremental 2, is now Generally Available (GA).

Note that this patch supersedes the previous recommendation to use the previous SP 4 Incremental 1 patch set. This initial incremental 1 patch is no longer available for distribution.

This release has the advantage of being the second release to pass the highly expanded and improved QA process put into place that captures the various customer reported problems since the advent of the R11.0 base release. This new incremental release has also been rigorously tested against some of the most demanding and error prone customer environments we have encountered and found to be robust and reliable. Because this release is considered the new AutoSys R11.0 base release, this SP4 Incremental 1 patch was listed as a Hyper Fix to the WA Dist customer community. However, the latest Incremental 2 patch was just made GA without the need for a Hyper notification to all customers.

The WA Dist AutoSys Support organization is recommending to all AutoSys R11.0 SP* release customers that they upgrade to this latest release to ensure they have the highest performing and most dependable version of the product available for their use. The goal is to get everyone to a release that has the most critical customer impacting problems resolved so they can use our product with confidence that it will perform its operations as expected.

As part of this recommendation to upgrade, WA Dist AutoSys Level 1 Support team has independently verified the steps required to accomplish this upgrade process on several supported platforms to make sure there is no unforeseen problems for our customers. From this upgrade testing, Support has generated a "Customer Upgrade Cookbook". It is a resource a customer can use to help plan and implement their upgrade of a current AutoSys R11.0 SP* instance to the required base R11.0 SP4 release (if not there currently) and subsequent application of the target Incremental 2 patch. This Cookbook will be updated with any additions that are found to be needed/helpful info to customers as this effort moves forward. The latest version of this upgrade guide will be kept on the AutoSys Home Page under the heading:

AutoSys r11.0 SP4 Incremental 1 Installation/Upgrade Cookbook

Please note that though the cookbook states Incremental 1, it directly applies to Incremental 2.

For direct assistance with the planning and upgrade of a customer AutoSys facility, CA Services is still the recommended CA contact point. They are the CA organization chartered and staffed to handle all such direct customer interactions. The charter for CA Support is to step-in when a customer encounters a problem and cannot progress.

Since the upgrade to the SP4 Incremental 2 release is so important to our customers, CA Level 1 Support for AutoSys is putting into place a customer focused effort to assist. CA Support is preparing to make available a specific level 1 support engineer as a contact point in the event that a problem occurs during the upgrade process. In that way, in the unlikely event of a problem or question, its impact to the upgrade effort should be kept to a minimum.

Because the Level 1 Support team will need to dedicate its limited resources to provide this type of immediate accessibility, this effort requires that customers contact the AutoSys level 1 support team in advance of any planned upgrade. The more advanced notification we have, the easier it will be for us to work into your schedule. Please keep in mind that in order to continue to provide the World Class Level of Support our customers expect, we will only be able to accommodate a specific number of upgrades on any given day and time. Therefore the earlier a customer contacts us the easier it will be for us to reserve the needed contact person.

The 2 requirements for a customer to get this special Support assistance are:

  1. The upgrade needs to be done during regular business hours.
  2. The upgrade will need to be set for a time slot when a dedicated CA Support resource is available.

Our goal in this effort is to make your upgrade experience as smooth and timely as possible.

Customer can request this assistance by opening a Support ticket for the AutoSys product.