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CA Recommended Service (CA RS) for z/VM

As part of the Next Generation Mainframe Management strategy, CA Technologies is keeping our promise to simplify software management by delivering CA Recommended Service (CA RS) for z/VM. CA RS for z/VM delivers recommended PTFs published since GA of a product release, tested collectively to ensure the integrity of the product with all fixes applied. CA RS is patterned after IBM's preventive maintenance model, Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU), which has been widely adopted.

CA RS for z/VM provides a method to simplify installation of a large number of PTF's for a specific product release using IBM VMSES/E. Each CA RS for z/VM PTF is delivered in VMSES/E COR format, and updates the installed product's service level indicator (format RSyymm). A new CA RS for z/VM PTF is published any time 15 or more PTF's have been published since a product's base release or the product's last CA RS for z/VM PTF.

Because CA RS provides a new preventive maintenance methodology, service packs will no longer be delivered for product releases maintained using IBM VMSES/E. Of course, you can download service from CA Support Online anytime for corrective maintenance. See the Maintenance Grids at the following CA Support Online product homepages for complete information about availability of CA RS for z/VM PTF's, Product Documentation Changes, and other available maintenance: