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CA NSM 3.1 0706 support with HP Nonstop Kernel J06.17(Tandem)

CA Network and Systems Management 3.1 0706 has been certified on:

HP Nonstop Kernel J06.17(Tandem)

The following components have been certified:

  • Log Agent

  • System Agent

  • Process Agent (proAgent)

  • Event Agent

  • CCI

  • OPR

  • Workload Agent

  • Security Management

  • Calendar

  • Stations/Station Groups

This certification has been done in coordination with NSM Manager running with version NSM 11.2 SP2 Cum1.

Known Issues:

  1. Object View Information not showing information for Tandem OS Agent

    Solution: This problem can solved by copying the catandos.txt file to "C:Program Files (x86)CASCCCSCommonResourcePackagesMibs" path and reopen the Object view browser.

  2. Calendar Print/Print Preview functionality will not work.

Fixes Required: