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CA Harvest Software Change Manager OpenMake and Harrefresh Updates

Last Updated: November 29, 2006

Dear Valued Client:

In an effort to provide quicker turnaround on issues, we are making OpenMake and Harrefresh Service Packs available for download.

The patch builds are cumulative so it is not necessary to install earlier patch levels prior to installing one of these builds.

The corrections in these builds have been QA tested. However, please note that while the corrections have been verified, the QA testing done on these builds is not up to the same level of the testing done on a new release. In order to provide you with these interim builds, the testing on them had to be scaled down to allow for a quicker turnaround.

For Harvest - Harrefresh compatibility, see: Openmake Harrefresh Compatibility Matrix.

If you have any questions, please call CA Technical Support or open an issue via SupportConnect.

Best Regards,
AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Technical Support

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NOTE: For harrefresh with harvest r7.0/ 7.1 please use HARVESTVERSION=5.2.1 in harrefresh.ini [applicable in older version than 6.9.2]