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Electronic Software Delivery Process

CA announced a new and improved Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) process beginning with Datacom/DB and Datacom/AD r11 SP4 for z/OS. This new ESD process addresses customer requirements to reduce the effort in acquiring and installing CA Datacom/AD and other CA mainframe products. The new ESD process:

  • Removes the need for, and use of, proprietary utilities to create a tape cartridge to install the product - the product installs directly from your local DASD

  • Provides a high level of compression to reduce the size of the download and the amount of time for the transfer to take place

  • Uses standard z/OS utilities to prepare the product installation image on your system Please access Tapeless Electronic Software Delivery for Mainframe z/OS for information on using the new ESD process for downloading and unpackaging CA products. Please consult the product's README and PML Solutions in addition to the Installation and Maintenance Guide for z/OS for installation instructions.