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CA Datacom Core Products Version 12.0
Aggregate Maintenance PTF Available

The CA Datacom team encourages sites to use CA Mainframe Software Manager (CA MSM) to apply maintenance to their current GA releases of products in the CA Datacom and CA Ideal family. Regularly executing the CA MSM "update catalog release" function will ensure that you have downloaded all appropriate maintenance for your licensed CA Datacom/CA Ideal products from CA Support Online so it can be applied using the tool.

Those sites that are not yet using CA MSM to download and apply maintenance will be interested to know that today CA Technologies has made the second Aggregate Maintenance PAX file for the CA Datacom Core Products Version 12.0 available. Any site that has recently upgraded to Core Products Version 12.0 and is not current on maintenance since GA (May 29, 2009) may benefit from the use of the two Aggregate Maintenance PTFs for Core Products Version 12.0 to quickly download solutions published from 29MAY2009 to 18FEB2011 and 19FEB2011 to 10DEC2011, respectively.

At any time, the set of all Aggregate Maintenance PTFs published can be found on the CA Datacom/CA Ideal/CA IPC Maintenance Grid for z/OS page in the "Product Status" section of the CA Datacom Product Home Page.

For more information, see the Aggregate Maintenance page under Mainframe 2.0 on CA Support Online.