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CA Customer Experience Manager 4.x
Hardware Appliance Announcement

Question: What's happening?
Answer: In June 2011, CA Technologies announced End of Service for Customer Experience Manager (CEM) 4.x (4.0/4.1/4.2/4.5). These releases were distributed only on hardware appliances.

The hardware remains supported according to current maintenance contracts. CA Technologies no longer offers extensions of hardware maintenance.

All customers current on CEM 4.x maintenance will have the TIM software appliance (equal in quantity to the number of licensed TIM hardware appliances) added to their contracts free of charge. For customers who upgrade from CEM 4.x to APM 9.x, this allows a free upgrade of the software for the TIM appliances. With APM 9.x, there is no need for TESS appliances. That functionality is performed by the APM 9.x Enterprise Manager, which is included with APM 9.x.

Question: How can I extend hardware maintenance on the CEM 4.x appliances?
Answer: Hardware maintenance can be purchased from third parties.

Dell hardware: DELL Warranty Extensions Department
Dell: 1-866-739-3355

MBX hardware: Use "Source Support".
Local US: 770-664-4822
Toll Free US: 866-777-8450
International Dial: 1-866-214-1551
MBX: 1-800-560-1195.

Hardware maintenance applies only to hardware issues and does not prevent customers from contacting CA Support for software-related failures or to help determine when a failure is hardware or software related.

Question: Can CEM hardware appliances be repurposed?
Yes. With the exception of the DELL 2850, all appliances are certified to run APM 9.1 TIMsoft. They may also be used to run any other component of APM as long as they meet the minimum recommended specs for the associated component. As noted above, hardware maintenance is provided by CA Technologies only as the current maintenance contract specifies.

Question: What is the upgrade path from CEM 4.x + Introscope 8.x to APM 9.1?
Answer: Customers should be converted to the APM SKU (APMCPM990) for the total number of licenses owned across both Introscope and CEM. Customers will be given the TIMsoft SKU (CEMTIM563) on a 1 for 1 basis for each copy of the CEM Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM) hardware appliance they own.

TIM hardware appliance customers should request the upgrade to APM 9.1 by contacting CA Customer Care at (800) 225-5224. The TIMsoft entitlement is proactively being provided to every CEM 4.x customer current on maintenance. If the TIMsoft entitlement does not already appear on the customer account, then the CA Customer Care Representative will add it at no charge and will provide the download link to the APM 9.1 TIMsoft package. The customer will then install the licensed number of TIMsoft appliances on customer-supplied hardware which meets the minimum hardware specifications for TIMsoft. If the CEM 4.x hardware remains supported by either Dell or Source Support, then the TIMsoft appliance could be installed right back on the same hardware.

Question: What is the upgrade path from CEM 4.x standalone to APM 9.1?
Answer: There is no direct upgrade path for standalone CEM customers. Customers need to purchase Introscope to complete their APM deployment, at which point they can follow the upgrade procedure explained in the previous answer.

Question: Will CEM 4.x be supported after June 30th, 2012?
Answer: CEM 4.x releases will no longer be supported after June 30, 2012. Those not choosing to upgrade to APM may purchase an extended support agreement for CEM 4.x: