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Announcing a new Solution Type: Aggregate Maintenance

CA Technologies product teams are continuously working to improve your experience with our z/OS products. We realize that obtaining product maintenance, both corrective and pro-active, is just as important as new product features and functions to ensure that you get the most value from your investment in CA Technologies. In order to simplify the process of downloading published maintenance for your products from CA Support Online, we have enhanced the CA Workload Automation EE Fix Strategy to provide Aggregate Maintenance for those products in the CA Technologies Mainframe Stack for z/OS.

Aggregate Maintenance (AM) is a new Solution type that includes the published PTFs for a product or product family over a specified period, delivered as a pax file to make the electronic download of a group of fixes more efficient. The keyword AMSOLUTION can be used to search for these solutions, and the updated Maintenance Grid under Product Status links to these solutions.

Each AM Solution contains published service for a specific period and is not cumulative. Each product team will determine the frequency of creating additional Aggregate Maintenance Solutions which will vary depending on the amount of corrective service available.