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Health Checks for CA Products

As part of the Next-Generation Management strategy, many CA products are providing health checks that run under the IBM Health Checker for z/OS. The Health Checker is a base component of z/OS that identifies potential problems before they impact availability or cause outages.

CA product health checks continuously monitor the active system environment to ensure CA solutions are optimally configured, alerting customers to any potential problems so they can be repaired before they impact work on the system. Specifically, checks:

  • validate that best practices are being followed
  • check that recommended product parameter settings are in use
  • monitor product resources to ensure they remain at or below predefined thresholds
  • verify that recent product enhancements are being utilized to ensure maximum return on the customer's investment in CA technology

CA health checks are written by product developers and included with the product, weaving expert product configuration knowledge directly into the software. With the capability of CA products to inspect themselves, customers no longer need to deploy staff with specialized CA product skills - to confirm that CA products are working optimally; customers merely need to ensure that no health check exceptions are present.

The following are required to run CA product health checks:

  1. z/OS 1.8 or higher
  2. The IBM Health Checker for z/OS must be active on the system
  3. The CA Health Check Common Service feature must be installed:
    • CA Common Services r11 customers, see RI18684 for details
    • CA Common Services r12 customers, see RI18890 for details
  4. The level of the CA product that delivers health checks must be installed

The following table shows CA products that provide or will soon provide health checks and the level of the product required to obtain the health checks.

CA 1 Tape Management r11.5 SP5
CA 11 Workload Automation Restart and Tracking r11
CA 7 Workload Automation r11.3
CA ACF2 for z/OS r14
CA Allocate DASD Space and Placement r12 SP1
CA CMDB Connector for z/OS r1
CA Common Services for z/OS & OS/390 r12
CA Database Management Solutions for IMS for z/OS r12 plus PTF UTSA014
CA Datacom r12
CA Deliver r11.5
CA Jobtrac Job Management r11.5
CA MIM Resource Sharing r11.7
CA NetMaster File Transfer Management r11.7
CA NetMaster Network Automation r11.7
CA NetMaster Network Management for SNA r11.7
CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP r11.7
CA NetSpy Network Performance r11.7
CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation r11.7
CA Scheduler Job Management r11
CA Spool r11.5 SP1
CA Tape Encryption r12.6 SP1
CA Tape Encryption Key Manager r12.6 SP1
CA TLMS Tape Management r11.5 SP3
CA Top Secret for z/OS r14
CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager r12 SP3
CA View r11.5
CA Vtape Virtual Tape System r12 SP2
CA Workload Automation EE r11.3
CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers r11
CA Workload Automation SE r11.3
CA XCOM Data Transport r11.5