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Important Notice Regarding Environment Profiles

Date: April 22, 2011

User-based environment profiles will no longer be accessible as of May 14. Customers who have user-based environment profiles should convert them to Site Profiles as soon as possible. Please review the following information and instructions.

CA is discontinuing the support of user-based environment profiles in favor of Site Profiles. User-based profiles (My Environment Profile) are the original environment profiles that could be set up in your "My Account" section on CA Support Online. If you have not set up an environment profile and intend to do so, please use the Site Profile option in the top menu next to the selected Site ID. Site Profiles can be securely uploaded and stored and can be shared with other users at your site.

CA is encouraging users with individual, user-based environment profiles to move them to the Site Profile section. When clicking to create a new Site Environment Profile, you will have an option to copy your user based profile. After copying, enter a new profile name and click to save your new Site Environment Profile.

Attachments to your original user-based environment profile are not automatically copied to the site environment profile. If you have an attachment and it is still applicable to your site profile, please save it from the attachments tab in My Account -> My Environment Profile or locate the original source, then use the Site Profile attachments tab to upload your file.

Uploading optional attachments to your Site Environment Profile uses CA's secure file transfer and storage. If you have not already used secure file transfer, refer to the help document link on the attachments page. After uploading your attachment, the final step is to associate it to your site environment profile. Note that you can associate an attachment to any other site profiles that are available for your site ID.

If you have any questions regarding site profiles and attachments, feel free to reach out to your CA Technologies Support Availability Manager or Support Team.

Thank You,
CA Technologies Support Team