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Problem Statement Recorder

Last Updated: January 27, 2014

A picture may say more than many words, and a screen recording can tell even more.

It has turned out that support cases are often resolved faster when doing live meetings.
However, there are situations where this is not feasible for various reasons.
Here it can help to record a certain situation and attach the recording to the support case so that our Engineers can see exactly what is happening.

We want to recommend for this purpose the open source tool java_screen_recorder under MIT License.

Please follow these steps to download, record, playback using the Java-Screen-Records before you attach the file to an open support case.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Downloads and download the zip file available there.

  3. Extract the downloaded file in a folder (ex C:JavaScreeenrecorder).

  4. To record a session, start the "screen_recorder.jar" which will open a small window:

    Figure 1

  5. A click on Start Recording minimizes that window and the Screen activities are recorded.

  6. To end the recording, reopen the minimized window and click on Stop Recording.

  7. A Save dialog allows to store the recording. The file created will be in .cap format.

  8. The Recording window can be closed by a click on the upper right "X".

  9. To view the recording, execute the "screen_player.jar".

    Figure 2

  10. A click on Open Recording allows to select an existing .cap file.

  11. A click on the Play button will allow to view the recording.

  12. To add this recording to an open Case, the .cap file needs to be uploaded and attached to the case via Case Details.

  13. Our Engineers will be able to view the recording and can therefore see the exact problem situation.

We have created a video showing the steps above. Please download and extract the following file which contains the recording: