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Overview of FTP Download Changes

Date:  September 19, 2018

On September 22, 2018, CA Technologies will implement changes to Product and Solution Download functionality. 

Due to a change in service offerings of our 3rd party vendor, we must modify our FTP platform for Product and Solution download orders.  Following the modification, you will see changes to the FTP download option for your Product and Solution orders. 

Previously, users were presented with two FTP options for product/solution orders:  Alternate FTP and Preferred FTP.

Figure 1

After FTP changes are in place, users will be presented with a single FTP option.

Figure 2

Within this single FTP option, the FTP detail information for the order will look different than it does today. 

Figure 3

  • Just like today, the download information presented for an order will allow users to download via Command Line, 3rd party FTP client (FileZilla, WinSCP, etc) or mainframe JCL.  For these download options please use the FTP protocol only.  FTPS and SFTP protocols are not supported.
  • When using Command Line, 3rd party FTP client or mainframe JCL, all (zip) files ordered will be available in the root directory after log in.  You no longer need to change directories.
  • When performing a download using Command Line, 3rd party client or mainframe JCL, you will be required to use the password shown for your order (see above).  Each order will be associated with its own unique generated password, which provides stronger security.  Your login password will not work for product/solution downloads via FTP.  If you perform your download directly through your browser using the FTP via Browser link, authentication is not required.
  • Downloading directly through your browser using the FTP via Browser link is not supported on IE and Edge browsers.  For browser download please use alternate browsers such as Firefox or Chrome.
  • For sites with tightly regulated network access, the existing and domains will remain available.  Sites which regulate access via IP address will be required to allow network access to