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CA Concatenate
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To Install the CA Concatenate Utility

After extracting the downloaded zip file, you can install CA Concatenate by opening the folder and right clicking on the setup.exe file and selecting open or double clicking. The Setup Wizard will open and guide you through the install. When the installation is complete, you will have an icon in the Programs menu to access the CA Concatenate utility.

To Concatenate Files

The CA Concatenate utility can be used to concatenate files in binary (.bin) or text (.txt) format. To concatenate either of these file types, start the utility by using the icon or the start programs option. A dialog box will appear with a Browse button to access the files you wish to concatenate. The Browse button will allow you to select one or more files from a single folder structure and allow you to specify a target file for the concatenated files to be combined in. Select the files using the ctrl or shift key from within the folder. Once the files are selected, click "Open" and the files will be populated into the Copy Files section. The target file will default to the first file name with "NEW" appended to the end. Click the Start button for the concatenation to complete.

Change the File Order

In the Concatenate dialog box, if necessary, change the order of the files by selecting the file and using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. This will ensure that the files are joined correctly.

Select a Target Filename

Once the files are in the correct order, confirm the target filename and directory. This file will be the product of all of the files used in the concatenation. Click the Start button. The file is now complete.