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z/OS Release Compatibility

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CA Technologies is introducing a new look to the way we deliver compatibility information for the CA Mainframe z/OS products. The new web pages will provide a dynamic product search option, up-to-date product status information and a list of PTF solutions that are required for compatibility.
Please have a look at the new z/OS compatibility page.

For most products listed, there is an embedded link that takes you directly to the web-based Support Online system, where you must log into your Support Online account. After logging in, you can view or download the details on any upgrade requirements. Please review the information for each of your licensed CA products for the most current information before upgrading your system.

For information on other operating system compatibility, please visit:

If you are looking for compatibility information or solutions not listed on the chart, visit where you can register and find additional support information. If you have questions or need personal assistance, contact the product technical support group directly by telephone.

All associated computer hardware, operating systems, and third party software must be maintained on the latest release(s) published by CA. CA shall not be obligated to provide technical support for non-CA software, modifications to the CA software, or problems associated with products running on un-supported hardware, operating systems, and third party software. Any such service may be available on a fee basis for labor and material as determined by CA. Consulting services, onsite support or support for end of service products are not provided as part of CA's standard support and maintenance. Those and other support services are available by quotation and governed under separate agreement between CA and Licensee.