Anti-Virus Protection and Nimsoft

Document ID:  TEC000003358
Last Modified Date:  07/04/2015
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management



The Nimsoft application needs to read and write files continually on local drives. Log file, queues, configuration files and licenses all require read / write activity. If this activity is delayed, by virus scanning, the application can timeout. The purpose of this article is to define where virus protection should be disabled on various classes of Nimsoft robots.

Under ideal circumstances you should exclude the Nimsoft root directory and all sub-directories from being scanned. If that is not possible you can use these more specific directories:

Nimsoft Hub Server
  • Nimsoft / probes
  • Nimsoft / hub
  • Nimsoft / archive
  • Nimsoft / robot
  • Nimsoft / niscache
  • Nimsoft / UnifiedReported
  • Nimsoft / UMP
  • Nimsoft / install
  • Nimsoft / SLM
  • Nimsoft / NIS
  • Nimsoft / jre

Nimsoft Robot Server
  • Nimsoft / robot
  • Nimsoft / probes
  • Nimsoft / jre

For each Windows user running Infrastructure Manager
  • %Temp%\util

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