Database conversion hangs during Ecometer installation

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Last Modified Date:  02/18/2016
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  • CA ecoMeter
  • CA Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • CA Data Center Infrastructure Management Managed Service Offering
  • CA Visual Infrastructure


  • CA ecoMeter:Release:4.1
  • CA ecoMeter:Release:4.2


  • CA ecoMeter:ECOMET
Ecometer installation hangs during database conversion.
eHealth on windows 2008
Ecometer 4.1
Database admin account has been locked.while trying to logging eHealth OneClick console, returns the error:
Database Error: "ORA-28000: the account is locked".
As database admin account is locked, it is preventing Ecometer installation.
We need to unlock admin account and restart installation process.
Unlock the account by running below commands

1.Identify what eHealth believes is the password for the NH_USER using:
  nhManageUsers -showPass -user admin
  default o/p:ehealth

2.Login to SQL*PLUS as the sysdba:
  sqlplus "sys/ehealth as sysdba"

3.Unlock the account
   alter user ehealth identified by ehealth account unlock;

4.Exit the sql session

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