Changes in program source code are not reflected at runtime.

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Last Modified Date:  08/13/2014
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  • CA Easytrieve Report Generator
  • CA Gener/OL


  • CA Gener/OL:GENROL


You made a change to a program. When you run the program, it runs as though there had not been any changes made.


Go into the program in edit mode. Type CHECK on the command line and hit Enter. Then get out and run the program. you may see compiler error messages if there are any errors in your source code.

From the Gener/OL menu:

Command 2 - EDITMENU
Command 2 - PROGRAM
Enter CHECK on the command line

Then put your cursor on the word 'File' at the top of your screen and Enter.

You will get a drop down menu.

Enter 2 for "Save All/Run"

This will causes a compile that will show the error(s) that has prevented the new version of the program from replacing the old version.

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