"SQL invalid metric name errors" are filling up the Java agent log.

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Last Modified Date:  08/02/2017
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  • CA Application Performance Management
  • CA Introscope


  • CA Introscope:Release:9.1
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.0
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.1
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.2
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.3
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5.1
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5.2
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:CA APM 9.6
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:CA APM 9.7



 Java Agent logs are being filled up with this message:

[ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Attempted to create a metric with the invalid metric name "Backends|ABCDlxyz ab1cdef-1234 (SOME
DB)|SQL|Dynamic|Update|UPDATE cc_systemparameter SET Value='abcd6efGhijk3lMNo9pqr0sTUVWXxyz18=' WHERE LOWER(Name) =
'chksum_up_st:loadupdatestatisticsSELECT:Responses Per Interval".


 What does the above message error over Agent log mean? Can it be disabled?

All supported APM releases.

This error is generated because the input SQL String contains an extra colon which is not a valid character for a metric name.

The input SQL String contains an extra colon in the string ('chksum_dm_pl:loadupdatestatisticsSELECT), which is not a valid character for a metric name. Also like ('%' || ? || '%'):

These and other invalid characters are automatically removed by the Default SQL Normalizer that is built into the SQL Agent extension.

However, when a custom normalizer is enabled in the Agent's.profile, this default normalizer is turned off.

Please configure following property inside your Agent profile:


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