Where are the Observer logs that show user attempts to login?

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Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA GigaStor
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  • CA GigaStor:Release:16.1
  • CA GigaStor:Release:16
  • CA GigaStor:Release:15
  • CA GigaStor:Release:14
  • CA GigaStor:Release:13
  • CA GigaStor:Release:12



Where are the Observer logs that show user attempts to login?


The .csv files in the C:\Program Files\Observer\LogWindow folder on workstations running the Observer Suite show successful and unsuccessful connection attempts to remote probes.

The GigaStor server itself does not log this information. If you have a NIMs device it will log that type of information. Otherwise it is logged on the Observer that connects to the GigaStor, but this will only show that Observer's connections.

The .csv files in the C:\Program Files\Observer (x86)\LogWindow folder on the GigaStor itself do not show any client connection successes or failures.

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