How to Accept a patch in Unicenter Patch Manager (UPM) 12.9 that is marked with a Not Applicable status.

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Last Modified Date:  07/10/2017
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  • CA Client Automation
  • CA IT Client Manager
  • CA Patch Manager


  • CA IT Client Manager:Release:12.5
  • CA Client Automation:Release:12.9


  • CA Patch Manager:UNIPTM
  • CA Client Automation:BITCM

When attempting to accept a patch in UPM that is marked as "Not Applicable" you receive the following error message:

'<Patch Name>' skipped. Accept action is not allowed in the current state.

Figure 1

Despite the status of the patch, you wish to override UPM and accept the patch.

Unicenter Patch Manager 12.9 This is not applicable to CA Patch Manager r14 and newer.

UPM determines patch applicability based on the available operating systems and installed software from your ITCM discovered inventory found in your MDB. A daily maintenance task configured in UPM reviews the ITCM inventory daily in order to update the patch applicability in the MDB. The maintenance task is configured in the Administration tab of UPM, in the "Services" section:

Figure 2

From the administration tab you can optionally run the maintenance task on demand or reconfigure the schedule of the task as necessary. Be advised the maintenance task may take several minutes to complete during which you will note your web browser will be waiting to reload the page.

Running the task will resolve the problem if the patch you are attempting to accept meets the criteria for targeting based on the inventory found in your mdb. Otherwise you will need to review the solution below to override UPMs applicability in order to accept the patch.


The following steps only need to be applied if running the UPM maintenance task does not mark the patch as applicable and you wish to override the UPM determination and accept the patch. The steps will require you to manually update the mdb in SQL:

  1. From the UPM console, take note of the search filter you applied to locate the patch. If possible, modify your search filter to list only the patch you are interested in accepting. Otherwise, modify the search filter to reduce the number of results to as few as possible. This will make the further steps in SQL much simpler.

    Figure 3

  2. Open SQL studio and connect to the ITCM mdb where patch manager is installed. Run the following SELECT query, based on the same filter applied in UPM. The result set will contain the patch displayed in UPM. Take note of the UUID for the patch for step 3.

    SELECT ipkg_name, status, install_pkg_uuid
    FROM ca_install_package
    WHERE ipkg_name like '%J2SE%Update%23%'
    ORDER BY ipkg_name


    SELECT ipkg_name, status, install_pkg_uuid
    FROM ca_install_package
    WHERE ipkg_name like '<Search Filter from UPM>'
    ORDER BY ipkg_name

    Figure 4

    Depending on your search filter you may have more than ONE result from the SELECT query. Note only the UUID for the following step related to the patch you want to manually mark as "pending user acceptance".

  3. Build the following query to change the patch status in the mdb, effectively moving the status of the patch to "pending user acceptance" from the current state of the patch:

    UPDATE ca_install_package
    SET status=3
    WHERE install_pkg_uuid=0x3A0A52F1FDE0744095222B03DDFA4AB5


    UPDATE ca_install_package
    SET status=3
    WHERE install_pkg_uuid=<UUID noted from Step 2 Above>

    Figure 5

  4. Using the mouse cursor, select only the UPDATE query and click the "Execute" button in SQL studio:

    Figure 6

    In this example, we are only updating a SINGLE patch UUID in the mdb, so only a single row in the database will get affected.

  5. Rerun the patch filter in UPM and verify the patch status now shows the patch is acceptable:

    Figure 7

    The patch will now be marked as "pending user acceptance" and the error will no longer persist when accepting the patch.

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