Is SYSPLEX supported by CA Faver VSAM Data Protection?

Document ID:  TEC551763
Last Modified Date:  07/11/2017
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  • CA FAVER VSAM Data Protection
  • CA Faver


  • CA FAVER VSAM Data Protection:Release:4.5


  • CA Faver VSAM Data Protection:FAVERM

Lots of installations are using SYSPLEX. Is it safe to use CA Faver VSAM Data Protection in different nodes?


SYSPLEX is supported by CA Faver VSAM Data Protection.

CA Faver VSAM Data Protection issues ENQ with a QNAME of SYSVSAM to synchronize with VSAM processing and with a SYSTEMS scope, therefore the LOCKS are propagated unless you exclude the files with GRS or MIME.

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